• St Leonards Meets the World

    Curator Paul Carey-Kent ‚Äď whose home town is St Leonards ‚Äď has matched six artists based there with six UK-based artists who bring an international dimension. Pairings are founded on the idea that the works have enough in common that a conversation between them will prove interesting.¬† It is to be celebrated that, despite Brexit and the way Britain is run, there are still plenty of artists from across the world who are based in the UK.

    Geraldine Swayne    +   Miho Sato (Japan)
    Hermione Allsopp    +   Blue Curry (Bahamas)
    Colin Booth    +   Koushna Navabi (Iran)
    Toby Tatum    +   Tereza Buskova (Czech Republic)
    Joe Packer    +   Robyn Litchfield (New Zealand)
    Alice Walter    +   Kristian Evju (Norway)

    Opening Friday May 17, 6 – 9pm
    Gallery open over two weekends: 18 & 19, 25 & 26 May, 12 – 5pm