Betwixt & Between

A debut solo exhibition of works by Jo Israel, revealing hidden worlds embedded in paper and glass.

Jo Israel’s photography and light box exposures unearth the hidden, natural and cultural histories embedded in paper and glass, evoking enchanted lost worlds of ancestral memory. All of the work in this exhibition is made using pages taken from bygone picture books and Victorian magic lantern slides.

In her Betwixt series, Israel seeks to create singular images for contemplation in an age of image-multiplicity. Using a primitive form of X-ray, Israel shines light through the pages of old picture books that have images printed on both sides of the page. The two previously separated images combine, exposing an unseen image world – an unknown space that we all inhabit unconsciously in our world of media images. Israel detaches and houses the appropriated pages in bespoke light boxes (which she calls Shadow Boxes) in order to preserve the moment of image discovery in perpetuity.

In Israel’s Between series she explores the translucent space between images using Victorian glass magic lantern slides. From her vast collection of magic lantern slides Israel selects and combines multiple slides in order to create three-dimensional, almost holographic images, which she houses and illuminates in her Shadow Boxes.

9th, 10th, 16th & 17th October 11-5pm
and by appointment between 11th-15th October 2021

All welcome

This exhibition will also coincide with the publication of a limited edition monograph on the Betwixt series published by the Silverhill Press.
Silverhill Press