St Leonards Meets the World

Curator Paul Carey-Kent – whose home town is St Leonards – has matched six artists based there with six UK-based artists who bring an international dimension. Pairings are founded on the idea that the works have enough in common that a conversation between them will prove interesting.  It is to be celebrated that, despite Brexit and the way Britain is run, there are still plenty of artists from across the world who are based in the UK.

Geraldine Swayne    +   Miho Sato (Japan)
Hermione Allsopp    +   Blue Curry (Bahamas)
Colin Booth    +   Koushna Navabi (Iran)
Toby Tatum    +   Tereza Buskova (Czech Republic)
Joe Packer    +   Robyn Litchfield (New Zealand)
Alice Walter    +   Kristian Evju (Norway)

Opening Friday May 17, 6 – 9pm
Gallery open over two weekends: 18 & 19, 25 & 26 May, 12 – 5pm