> and the sooner the better_

“and the sooner the better!”

19 – 22 October 11am – 5pm. PV Friday 20 October 6 – 9pm

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Richard Brautigan

“The term “artificial intelligence” tends to position technology in opposition to the natural world. But are they coming to help us, to free us of our labours? Let us think of them as they learn for themselves and remember their mistakes, as they think of us.

But they are already here, already deeply ingrained in our everyday lives.

So let us look for evidence of this unnatural world, for the touch of a ghostly hand. Let us look for evidence of the touch of this other.”

Featuring work by:
Anne Lydiat @anneonrock | Gary Willis @garywillis.snaps | Jude Montague @judemontague_ | Louise Whitham @louisewhithamphotography | Luiza Machado @luizamachado2591 | Mango Collins @mangocollins | Neale Willis @nealewillis | Ornagh Lynch @ornaghworld | Richard Butchins @thewitheredhand | Roger Hopgood @hopgoodroger | Tim Willcocks @timwillcocks_photographer | Tracy Jones @tracyjones_studio

Part of @photohastings photo season 2023
Curated by Neale Willis @nealewillis