Known and Strange Things

Oska Lappin, Agnieszka Dabrowska, Adrienne Hunter, Victoria kiff

A collaborative exhibition of new work.

March 4th – March 13th

Known and Strange Things focuses on diverse approaches and experiences; contrasting things that are equally important for these artists in their life as well as their practice.

Connected by friendship and similarities of approach, the show links the differing forms of expression of four female artists, creating a beautiful and strange journey that takes you to an imagined place, an abstract, invented space, a landscape once defined by Seamus Heaney in his poem Postscript as a ‘hurry through’ being ‘neither here nor there’.

The need for movement, love and nature to survive is a constant in all of our existence and Known and Strange Things is an opportunity to consider and explore this idea. Through their artworks Oska Lappin, Adrienne Hunter, Agnieszka Dabrowska and Victoria Kiff suggest a metaphorical language of feelings and emotions both in their separate pieces and in their combined artwork here presented as a single painting which concludes the journey. The viewer can engage with their individual stories at any moment of their choosing; points of entry that can be strange or familiar perhapsā€¦

Private View, FRIDAY March 4th, 5pm ā€“ 9pm ā€‹

Exhibition Times:
Weekends of 5-6 March and 12-13 March, 10am ā€“ 5pm
and by appointment at other times